Umbo Helmets LLCUmbo Helmets LLC

Creating Helmets to Protect What Matters

Pursue Your Passion!

The creators of the Umbo™ believe that people should be able to pursue their passions without unnecessarily increasing their risk. We have set out to keep people safer by developing a high performance, extreme mountain bike helmet that will substantially reduce the risk of Tramatic Brain Injuries (TBIs).


A New Helmet for the Extreme Athlete

The CEO and founder, Nate Saam has experienced two TBIs as an extreme athlete, and can attest to their long-term effects. Through these experiences, Nate became inspired to design a helmet that would reduce the risk of TBIs, without limiting these athletes.


CrossVegas Here We Come!

Umbo Helmets will unveil our solution through the use of advanced design and materials at CrossVegas during InterBike this September!

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